Friday, March 19, 2010

I went to Boston for a week.
Had a good time...
Ainge grandparents were visiting and I hadn't seen them since MY WEDDING! sooo needless to say it was good to see them.
It rained literally nonstop for 3 days straight and my mom's basement was flooded :( Huge bummer. Huge nightmare. I'm glad I don't own a home...
Craig came for the weekend and he turns into a teenage boy every time he is there... he has too much fun with Cooper and Crew... I hope he is not one of those dads that is always trying to be cool and looks like a major dork...  It is a potential problem I think.
I finally bought maternity jeans.  I was groaning every time I sat down and stood up and my mom was telling me that she was worried about me because "it is wayyy too early to be feeling that uncomfortable"... and I said, "hold on, let me just unbutton my pants"... "problem solved"... A few times the zipper had to come down too... so it was time to go elastic. 
I got home yesterday and it has been 70 degrees the past 2 days.  In other words, HEAVEN.  Just stay like this forever... I am so looking forward to a weekend of warmth.  

I wish all of you could grocery shop at Whole Foods and get the $3.99 delivery.   Shop... pay... leave bagless.  Run some errands.  Walk home. Ding Dong. They are delivered to my door.  Amazing. Love it.

And I wish all of you could take your morning walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with me tomorrow.

And I wish the weather was like this all the time... It makes me so much more productive and happy.

OH and I went to lunch today at Moomah.  It is SO cute.  First of all, they have delicious healthy food and a great kids menu.  And secondly they have "do it together art projects" for the kids. Today was "Funky Forest Friday".  Adorable.  Highly recommend.  And super model Christy Turlington was there with her kids... so that added a little extra excitment of course :) 

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