Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dishes. Laundry. Groceries.

I was just making my to-do list for what I need to get done tonight after work.
And as usual it begins with:


I hate these chores.

I love getting them finished.  I feel so satisfied.
But lets be honest- they are never finished.
dishes never end.  laundry never ends. and considering we eat at least 3 times a day- the need for more groceries never ends.

I like crossing things off.  And it's annoying to know that when I cross these off my list- they will just return in 2 days time.

And tomorrow my list will most likely be:

Fold laundry because you were too lazy to do it last night.
Empty dishwasher.
Make dinner.

Neverending cycle.

Plus... it will not stop snowing.  So whining is allowed.


Erin and Corey said...

Taylor! I can't remember if I've commented on your blog before. I initially found it through Casey's blog. Congrats on the baby girl! We miss you two a ton. I'm sad I can't be there to baby shop with you. Corey and I are trying so hard to get back to NYC permanently but we aren't sure it's going to happen. Either way, we will be sure to visit soon. oh and PS - I ordered a City Mini stroller. It's awesome and for Craig's sake, more budget-friendly than other options. Good luck and hopefully we will see you soon!

Kristen said...

I love when you post a lot. It always breaks up the monotony of my day!

The Nixon Family said...

Your list will soon look like this...
-wake up too early
-rock baby and stare at tv
-wipe poop
-do laundry to clean the poop that went all up baby's back and onesie (or just throw the onesie in the trash!!!)
-make food
-pile dishes
-more laundry for poop mess (or throw another onesie away)
-make some excuse for a dinner
-stare at dishes while you rock baby
all the housecleaning becomes even more of a hassle when you have to factor in cute little babe.
enjoy it now!!! :) at least you can stare at a cute baby face instead of the dirty house and empty pantry!