Monday, January 25, 2010

Ok I guess I even like New York in the winter...
Not so much in 15 degree winter, but the days in between of 40 and 50 make it bearable.
I am thankful for days like today.
Even if it is rainy.
Just because I have cute rain boots.

I wish crewcuts made baby clothes. And I wish I didn't have the genius idea to go to Barney's this weekend to look at all the baby clothes "for fun". (Doesn't that sound fun?) The cuteness was absurd... as were the price tags.  And it hurt a little bit.


Granum Family said...

Ya don't ever go to Barney's to look at the baby clothes until they have their huge massive sales.... they have sales that get up to like 75% off. And I agree on crewcuts needing to make baby clothes :)

The Boyfriend Shopper said...

Hey there. I'm absolutely loving your blog, I just stumbled across it. I will definitely be following!

Feel free to check out mine, I think you'd especially love it.

Joseph&Devon said...

taylor ainge!
its devon trejo!
i can't believe your preggo. congrats and hello!

Big Dreamer said...

I love just looking at baby clothes becuz they are so small! I have no kids but I love baby clothes!