Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NYC Marathon

On Sunday my good friend Megan ran the NYC Marathon.
She has been training like a rockstar for months so we could not wait to cheer her on!
Yes those are cow bells.

Spotted. There she is! And she kind of breaks down at the sight of us...

Tears of joy of course.

It was kind of amazing and we all had some tears in our eyes.

We were at mile 24... so you can imagine how exhausted and overwhelmed she was.
We were so happy she stopped so we could give her hugs and a huge push to the finish line.

And her hubby ran it with her a few years ago but he couldn't this year.
We were all making cheesy noises... it was a very tear jerking reunion.

Then we had to run through the woods to meet her at the finish line...
And she did it! She finished the marathon for the second time.
And here are most of the amazing friends that came to cheer her on.

We love you Megan and we are SO SO proud of you!
You say you will never do it again and we kind of don't believe you...
It was so great cheering you on and you bet we will all be there next time!

PS Happy birthday tomorrow!

And the ridiculous part of this story is that I was so exhausted just watching people run that I went home and was asleep by 7:30.
Just after I had some pokemon mac and cheese.
No exaggeration. True story.


JT and Lizzie Davis said...

Wow - those pictures made me tear up a little myself! So amazing!

Ashlee said...

excuse me. who is your photographer? tip them for me. It's so nice to see your face.

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Pokemon mac n' cheese? I love you.

PS- I don't know your self-pain-inflicting friend, but I for some reason almost teared up from these pictures. I'm blaming the pregnancy.

Meg said...

You are so sweet! I loved being able to see you just as I came up over the hill!! Oh boy those pictures are a bit scary though...but they for sure capture the emotions I felt :-)


Farnsworth Family Newsletter said...

Tay...I know Aubree Ellsworth Schroeder, how do you know her? Her brother married Haylie.

Jimmy and Kelli said...

Taylor-Ok-when I saw this post I couldnt believe it-although we have never met, I was good friends with Craig in High School and one of my husband's best friends is Chris Schroeder! He has known Chris for years. When I saw pics of them at the marathon I was laughing at how its such a small world sometimes!