Monday, October 26, 2009

We went to DC this weekend. First time ever.
Although museums and historical monuments are somewhat nightmarish for ADHD people such as myself... I fell in love with the city and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
It was a perfect fall weekend and the leaves were at the peak of colorful perfection.
We went with our new friends the Egan's. They had fun telling us that we are "out of control and always all over each other" In reality we walked so much that it came to the point of Craig needing to drag me/carry me/give me mouth to mouth resuscitation...etc. etc. Perfectly innocent I assure you. Although it is hard to resist a man in a poncho.
DC is beautiful and it is one of the few places in this country I could happily live.
You should go. I want to live in Georgetown. Adorable. Love it. Want it. Its so clean and green and beautiful.
It was a very memorable weekend. I didn't want to take pictures as usual so I was acting like Jim and Pam in the wedding episode and just taking mental pictures with my pretend camera. Much more efficient... and super cute of me. Well it was cute when Jim and Pam did it so whatever.
I always love coming home/ hate coming home. So bittersweet. Ending trips with uncomfortable bus rides inevitably gives you homeward bound nausea. But after a long weekend its always nice when your husband goes back to work. Just kidding.:)


JT and Lizzie Davis said...

"homeward bound nausea" = true & hilarious.

Today was fun. I didn't get hungry again until 8PM. Thank you Blue Smoke.

The Nixon Family said...

so fun for you! i did DC in about 3 hours. i need to go back and see it again. well actually see it for the first time again.
you are funny.

The Egan's said...

If anyone wants the real story they should ask me and not trust Taylor.

Good times all around. Thanks for coming!!

Lindsey Jaye Pope Parry said...

Some things:

#1. I really enjoy your sharp sarcasm. A talent I think few are able to master in this life.

#2. WE were in DC last weekend too!

#3. I was bored out of my mind as well. I liked walking by the white house and snapping a shot for five seconds but the 90 minute tour of the Library of Congress really did me in. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep on a bench somewhere.

#4. We are related. It's that small, close knit Bradley side.