Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blessing and a Curse

First of all, I would like to say that my husband is on probation for his political ranting. I want to make it very clear that his views are not the views of this blog or his wife.
And I do not approve.
So lately I have been thinking... wouldn't it be nice to make millions just by having a bomb.com blog. That would be really nice. Especially for someone like me who is a fabulous shopper, and lives in Manhattan, but yet has little money to spend. Budgets greatly cramp my style. Poor me. Just because I don't have a real job doesn't mean I shouldn't have money! (right?) For all of those who judge (mom)- I would just like to say that shopping happens to be a talent and a hobby... all hobbies cost money and all talents should not be neglected. I also have a talent for eating. Hence....

Okay just wanted to tell all of you about my shallow hopes and dreams that I have sometimes (all the time). I wish I didn't love looking at children's clothing magazines and buying gifts and interior design and J Crew and Anthropologie and everything beautiful.
Sometimes people call it a blessing. Sometimes its called a curse. Sometimes its both. Maybe I need to find a less expensive outlet for my creativity... maybe even something lucrative- which brings us back to the blog idea. Full circle moment right there.


The Egan's said...

which is why you and I are getting into photography. Pronto- that is as soon as we can afford a camera. ha more money to support hobbies.

Farnsworth Family Newsletter said...

Taylor get a job at J.Crew......you would be great working there. Discounts!!!!! If you work at Pottery Barn you would inhance your creativity and let others spend there money while you help them design. Its really fun and a great way to be involved in the design world. JUST DO IT!!!

The Nixon Family said...

start it. do it. i would read a new blog about a mormon girl in NYC. i read one sometimes but she is not nearly as funny as YOU!