Monday, August 10, 2009

Negotiating, Problem Solving, Dumpster Diving...

SO like I said I was looking at apartments all last week.
I have two 3 inch (okay maybe 1.5 inch... but still) blisters on my feet from wearing the WRONG shoes apartment hunting. (in my defense I had to run to meet with the agent right after work and my handy dandy flip flops were not in my bag...) Pain. Lots of pain.
AND... all in vain.
We (I) have decided that we are staying in our tiny apartment, in a mediocre building, in not our favorite location... because we told our rental office that we were leaving and would only consider staying if they dropped the rent $500 a month... and well, last week they did just that, AFTER I searched high and low for a replacement.
So now is when I tell you all the pluses to this scenario so I feel good and happy about the decision.
A) We get to save some money... which will be very nice... and make us feel like we follow the Prophet.
B) Although we had high hopes of other areas there is one thing that is great about the financial district- Subways. In 5 minutes I can get on the 1,2,3,4,5,6,A,C,E,J,R,W trains. I can get anywhere I want quick and easy.
C)... I am redecorating. When you live in one small space and can't even walk in another room... you eventually need some sort of change. Well I am doing just that... making changes. You can stay tuned for that one... might take awhile.

So far I have sold my Ikea dressers (meaning I sold one and threw the other one in the garbage because I would feel dishonest selling that piece of junk to anyone)
Now my over sized television is sitting on our storage boxes with a stack of books assisting it in not tipping over. Classy.

Since my dressers are gonzo and I am waiting on my delivery from Container Store to make my new Armoir functional for storing our clothing... all of our clothes are currently on our bed... And since I am solving this today and neither of us really felt like dealing with that mess last night- I slept on the air mattress and Craig took the couch. Problem solvers.

AND... who knew $150 could get you these beauties??:

Major SCORE at the thrift store.
I have a vision... you will just have to wait and see it when I am finished.


Courtney said...

Great finds! I'm very excited to see your new vision.

Nancy said...

Taylor, you seriously crack me up. I love to live vicariously through your guys crazy New York fun adventure, and I can't wait to see how you redecorate, love your style!

The Nixon Family said...

can't wait to see the new look. you didn't want to sell the broken drawers? you could have gotten at least $5 for them!

McKell and John said...

I am actually reeeeally excited to see what you do. I wish you lived in a big mansion so I could see what you do with it. Oh, and a million or five dollars to decorate with! Good job on your armoire and headboard, they are darling. Any temporary wall paper in the future?