Wednesday, July 1, 2009

quick update

My cousin Sheree came into town and it was SO fun to see her and her new baby Elsie. We had a good time. It made me very excited to play and see all of my family in California this summer. It has been too long.
Craig continues to work and we are happy he still has a job. He has had a couple more friends be laid off here in the city and that is no fun to hear or see.
I work 3 days a week on Wall Street... (I like just saying that because it sounds cooler)
Craig is the ward mission leader and I am the ward baby sitter (nursery)
We still haven't had consistent summer weather and it's the end of June! We get a sunny hot day followed by cloudy, rainy days. Weather is still very unreliable... and I have nothing resembling a tan.
I have had ringworm for a year and just found out that it's ring worm. Nasty. When Dr. Paige first said that (after I whipped my foot out at the dinner table and asked her) I thought I had a worm inside my body. But its really just a fungal infection of the skin. I don't know how I got it... possibly walking around a dirty city in flip flops? who knows... but I am not very happy about it.
We went to Vegas for Craig's little brother's wedding. It was good to see his family that we never get to see. Craig has a favorite niece that he way too obviously favors by saying that she is his favorite and telling everyone that she is the sole heir to his fortune (forget his own children and wife!)
We took a red eye home from vegas, got home at 6 in the morning, Craig left his wallet in the cab and had to go straight to work. Poor kid- I went to bed.

Super exciting stuff.


Mandy said...

And Laney loves the extra attention she gets. When we were watching the wedding video the other night, she yelled out, "That's Craig," "It's Uncle Gay."

The Nixon Family said...

Had a blast. Still wishing I had a picture of the two of us. OH well. see you soon.