Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth festivities

The morning started at 8 am at the annual 4th of July breakfast at our church. This could also be known as "the bishops breakfast" because traditionally that is who did this thing. This year that was not the case because my father, the bishop, is insanely busy and had to go to work early on the 4th of July. (more on that later)
Then we went to our friends the Rollin's home and had the best party ever. Good food, good friends, good weather. It was perfect.
We were all very upset to have to leave that party early but we had dinner plans with one of the Celtics owners and his family. We had this planned because the big Boston 4th of July celebration wanted my dad to come and hold up the trophy or something.
well, as a i mentioned before my dad is insanely busy and because of this he got really really sick and too sick to go to this celebration thing. So we called our friends and told them he was sick, but they wanted us to come to dinner anyway without him before the celebration.
So after dinner we drove downtown for this 4th of July thing. Now let me elaborate on this thing... people camp out all day long to have a place to sit and watch this. It is the biggest firework/4th of July celebration in the country. After all, this is where it all started.
So anyway we were very very embarrassed because we are driving there... with police escorts. And this my friends is one thing that would tempt me to be famous. I want a police escort everywhere I go. No traffic can stop you, no stop lights, no nothing. Incredible. Anyway, we were very embarrassed because we were getting this escort and the VIP seating because of Danny Ainge... who was at home in bed very ill. They were going to be very disappointed when it was just his family. HA

Rascal Flatts performed and they were always. I love them.

And then there was the greatest firework show I have ever seen. All the fireworks went with fabulous music. It was awesome. But I'm glad I didn't have to camp out all day to see it... although that could be fun too.

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Courtney said...

I love that you are posting so much. I hope all this celebrity isn't going to Craig's head. Maybe the 400 square foot studio will bring him back to earth.