Monday, June 30, 2008

The Apartment

A couple weeks ago Craig and I went to New York for a day in search of an apartment. The trip started off very badly because I did not understand that all studio apartments were 1/4 of the size required for human living. Ridiculous.
I had researched different places for months and months. I found my favorite one and it was offering a sweet deal while we were there so we thought we should see that one first and I was very excited to finally see it in person. When we went into the apartment I almost started sobbing in front of the broker... It was shocking how small it was. SHOCKING! AND they didnt even have a normal sized oven... it was an oven/microwave. HELLOOOO... if you can't fit a cookie sheet in it then it does not count as an oven. I would need to go buy all the easy bake oven junk to cook on. Anyway, I was upset and frustrated and wanted to move to New Jersey and get a nice big apartment for half the price.
Then I realized I just had to change my mind set. They were all near that small and people do in fact live in them and they even survive.
So we continued the search and found this apartment complex right next to pier 17 in the financial district. Its a 10 minute walk for Craig to his work, a 1 minute walk to fun restaurants and shopping, and right next to a grocery store!!!! Its very small, but its just been renovated and everything is new, there is a fabulous view of the brooklyn bridge and we are now very excited to live in our tiny quarters. (For a year... probably not going to be happy in it for much longer than that)


jennifer woodbury said...

I totally understand your pain. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a studio apartment (I could not comprehend the concept of no bedrooms) before we lived in Manhattan. But I managed to survive in one for two years, and I'm sure you will too.

Halvos said...

Wow. You are a trooper Tay! I totally would have cried when I saw the oven if I were you...but its true, people do survive--you'll have so many fun memories there I'm sure! And congrats on a great job! -Lori