Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So the past few weeks people have been asking or truly they have been assuming that I'm a basketball fanatic. I don't blame them... you'd think I would be considering my childhood and my father's profession. But the truth is I'm not. Not at all. In fact, if its not the Celtics I won't even allow it on in my house... And even with the Celtics- I prefer to check the score a couple times and then watch the 4th quarter if its close... if its not then its just too painful. I'm too emotionally involved I guess you could say :)
Well, the Celtics play tonight and its a HUGE game. and even though Im not a huge basketball person, in times like these my stomach gets a little sick. Its just way too close for comfort. I don't like that. Go Celtics.

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Courtney said...

You know Craig is a fanatic right? Glad they pulled it out.