Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spoiled Rotten

The past couple of months we have been spoiled rotten... :) Time has been flying by because I feel like life has been full of fun things to look forward to. Ultrasounds, parties, vacations... life has been good!

- Eloise and I tagged along on Cooper and Crew's spring break vacation to Puerto Rico. Awesome.
- Eloise went on her first sailing adventure in the Caribbean and even went snorkeling with me. It was so fun. She also had her first pina colada. She loved it. I'm creating a monster.
- I got to throw my good friend Lizzie a baby shower (I finally get to meet her sweet baby James tomorrow!)
- I went to my first Tribeca Film Festival with my good friend Laurel.
- Lots of ultrasounds. So far so good!
- We found out we are having a boy! (which included an awesome rooftop party thanks to Lizzie and Jenna)
- Eloise and I went and explored Savannah, Georgia and then met up with Craig in South Carolina at the tail end of his work retreat. Spouses were invited to come join for the weekend. It just so happened to be the #1 resort in the country. It also happened to be mothers day. It worked out very nicely for us. Remind me to have a lot of money one day so we can go back... :)

The whirlwind has stopped.  We haven't made our summer plans yet so who knows when it will start back up again. For now we are happy to be home to our awesome friends and our favorite city. I guess I should say we are always spoiled rotten.

For all you non-instagrammers... you know who you are... here are some pictures


bradley said...

Thanks for the pictures. You are both adorable.


Dee Dee Cox said...

What is the name of the resort in South Carolina that you went to.
I am trying to plan a family trip next year. Thanks Pictures are darling.

Tay said...

Dee Dee -it is called The Inn at Palmetto Bluff. Would be fantastic for a family trip.

Dee Dee Cox said...

Thanks. I am going to get on the internet and look it up.

The Nixon Family said...

thank you for posting for losers like me. :) can't wait to get a hold of lulu's pony on the beach. too cute! you look great and can't wait to see your belly this summer!

Amanda and William said...

You get the best pics of her. Keep it up.

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