Sunday, May 6, 2012


Well, the time was quickly approaching my 20 week ultrasound- AKA when I finally would get to find out my baby's gender. And then... as I was crossing days off my countdown, 2 of my good friends Jenna and Lizzie decided that they were in the mood to throw a "gender reveal party"
At first I was like- A) I don't even know what that is and B) I am super excited to find out at the doctor so no need to plan a party for the occasion.
And then when they pushed back, I caved because then I thought, What the heck... 
and as I look at these pictures it makes me happy I did.
This pregnancy has been SO different for me than with my first.
With Eloise I thought of her all day and night and just knew from the beginning it was going to be baby Eloise.  There was no doubt in my mind.
This second time around I have had zero intuitions, and feel badly because truthfully, I think about this baby rarely...(sorry baby #2), and spend my day taking care of my crazy almost 2 year old.  Maybe I could describe it as distracted? Maybe it was denial? Who knows.
Anyway, I was extra excited to find out the gender because I was really wanting to stop calling this baby "it" and was looking for this pregnancy and this baby inside me to all seem more real.
(As if the gigantic middle section isn't enough?)
Anyway, like I said, I have had zero intuitions. Craig thought FOR SURE it was a girl.  I just simply had a hard time picturing a boy because I picture my baby as baby Eloise naturally. It is hard for me to imagine anything different.
As you can see by the chalk board... Most everyone else was hoping for a boy
And indeed it is a boy.
And we are in a little bit of a shock.
And we are ridiculously excited.

To answer some questions:
We had the nurse seal the baby's gender in an envelope.
The envelope was given to my friend Jenna who was just planning on dropping it off at the bakery but then my sister Ashlee demanded that Jenna open it and tell her first.
So then Jenna and Ashlee and the bakery knew my baby's gender... oh and my doorman apparently because Jenna opened it in my lobby and screamed "AH! ITS A BOY!" haha. love that.
Then the bakery made cupcakes with blue frosting inside so when we bit into it we got a little blue visual of the baby boy inside of me.
Anyway, it was something I would have never thought of on my own and I'm grateful for friends that are more fun than I am.  This made my weird denial pregnancy feel more real and a little extra special. Baby boy deserved a little special attention and I'm so happy he finally got some. :)

Name recommendations anyone??


Mandy said...

Eloise doesn't look so sure about all of this. But I am glad you area ll wearing blue for the big reveal.
Boys are so fun. Congrats. We are so excited for you guys.

Annie said...

What a fun party idea. What cool friends. I need to live in New York. Your outfit is darling and you look darling. Boy names are so hard but boys themselves are so fun. Colin was 3 days old before he was named because we couldn't decide. I love kingston from Gwen son. I love Finn. I love Joshua, Jack and Colin obviously.

Lizzie said...

This was seriously SO MUCH FUN. I loved it. So excited about this little boy.

Vivian said...

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Angela said...

Okay, first, congrats on baby boy! Second, jealous that you guys have such fun friends!

Angela said...

And third, love Eloise's face in that fist pic.

Jenna Robert said...

Eloise is to die for. Such a cute family Tay. Can't wait to see your baby boy. Congrats!

ellen said...

What about naming him Boston? :)

Meagan said...

SO EXCITED!!!! Also you look adorable. I love your dress. You lil mama.

Unknown said...

Congratulations! That is really exciting. More shopping :) Also, Eloise could not be any cuter.

The Nixon Family said...

love the fun! i like the first pic with your hands on your face. surprise! boys are THE BEST! i love love my girls, but the boy has just been a breeze compared to them. i hope it's the same for you! they'll be best buds like andrew and eva. thanks for an update for us non-instagrammers... :)

mindy said...

congrats! how fun! one of each!! lOVE The pics of you 3 finding out!

Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

I have a big smile on my face reading this. Such a fun party. Thanks for waiting so we could all share it with you!

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