Monday, January 2, 2012

18 months

Weird. Is it 2012? My mind is still in October.  It felt weird that all the holidays were taking place in October this year...
Anyway, before I try to catch up with the calendar I need to document my wee one's 18 month birthday (which was on Christmas day) (she is special like that)

I cannot believe she is 18 months old.  It is crazy how ridiculously fast she is growing up. When I stop to think about it I get sad. But mostly I feel so grateful that I get to enjoy every moment of raising such an awesome little girl. She is my little sidekick and my every day would be so lame without her. Watching her grow up would be so painful if I didn't get to see every second of it. Not to mention the older she gets the more awesome she is. We really can't get enough of her smarts and sass, her hugs and kisses, her not so large vocabulary, sesame street, bath time, picking up toys, saying prayers, going on walks, her naughtiness, chasing her down, her back flip attempts while we change poopy diapers, reading books, her disobedience, her curiosity, and her endless giggles.


Mary Martha said...

She is so cute! So fun being in her nursery although I did bag out the last hour yesterday. Love the Christmas card too. You look amazing!

Courtney said...

Happy half birthday Lulu! They get big too fast. Wish we could see her more.

m.estelle said...

i think my favorite is the arms folded at church. is that reverence? or does she want to skip sunday school? she is adorable, taylor!

Sierra said...

She is adorable, Taylor!

jessica said...

Seriously soo cute. She most most definetley inherited the sass from her mother (:

Jessica and Ryan Toolson said...

Oh I am obsessed with her. I barely know her but these pictures make me feel like she is my little buddy too. What a cutie! xoxo

Casey said...

she's so cute! i love her!

The Nixon Family said...

Great update! I bet you get stopped seven times a day be people telling you how stinkin cute she is.

79desain said...

She is so cute!...
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