Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have been in Maine all week with my family- parents, grandparents, siblings, neices, nephews.  So much fun. (hope to blog about that some other time)
Craig had to leave early (as in Sunday... the day after we got there) to go back to work.
The rest of us just arrived at my parents house in Boston after our week of fun and we are already watching the rain pour outside and awaiting the mighty hurricane- trying to run some last minute errands and checking flight statuses, realizing we might be stuck here for awhile.
The timing is a little fishy to me because a few weeks ago Craig was asked by our area authority to give a lesson in church on emergency preparedness- more specifically hurricane preparedness.  We thought it was SO random and I joked that this it was the first lesson Craig actually had to do preparation for. He couldn't wing emergency exit strategy.
Since Craig left us last Sunday night, there has been an earthquake and an approaching hurricane in NYC.
There are chains on the doors to the subway stations and restaurants are closed with tape on their windows.  Nobody can get to work without public transportation.  Half of our friends live in the mandatory evacuation zone and people are trying to find places to stay.  A lot of people drove inland, a lot of people just jumped on a plane days ago to get away. And my whole family is together at my parents house- except for Craig.
Sometimes my imagination runs wild and I imagine horrible things (and that is why I made Craig get up to go to the bathroom with me our first night in Maine. The woods creep me out. whole other story) but I think I am just paranoid that things are abnormal- a shut down Manhattan, two natural disasters in a week, evacuation orders, etc,
I just keep thinking- what are the odds? That we had that lesson just a couple weeks ago. That there was an earthquake earlier this week. That I am with my whole family for once and we are awaiting a Hurricane.
I believe this is probably just going to be a hyped up rain storm (I hope) but the timing of everything just seems a little fishy to me.
And I am mad that Craig left Maine and that he wouldn't come back to Boston to meet us so I don't have to worry about losing communication with him.  He is stubborn and a little too excited that church is cancelled and he has boxes of cookies and gatorade to live off of...


Erica and Nathaniel said...

missing you. we are across the street from craig. we will all keep an eye on each other! xoxo

Stephanie said...

Just one more reason why you guys should just move to Phoenix. We only have haboobs to worry about.

Katie said...

church is cancelled for us too!