Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

A bunch of us went to a cabin in Vermont for the long weekend.
It was so much fun.
My friend Laurel won the cabin for the week at her daughter's school auction and was nice enough to share.
We played catch phrase, hiked to waterfalls, watched fireworks, enjoyed delicious homemade ice cream on the side of the road, went outlet shopping, enjoyed a scenic gondola ride up the mountain, boys played golf, there were a couple inappropriate pranks and one too many naked men bathing in the waterfall... 
but we had such a fun weekend with a group of some of our very favorite people.

The last night we had a goodbye dinner for the Granum family. They are moving to California and we could not be more bummed about it.  Huge loss. Tears were shed. 
Worst thing about living in NYC is that you meet amazing people and then they move away. Lame.

Thank goodness we got to have a fun weekend together before they leave.

Thanks Walkers!

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Granum Family said...

so glad we could have one last weekend getaway with you guys! we're gonna miss you!