Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Best wife ever

Saturday morning I got hooked on Suze Orman's Money Class special on PBS.
I decided then and there that it would be better for us to stay in our 1 bedroom for one more year. (She was speaking directly to me)
Soooo...That is unfortunate.(especially because I found a perfect apartment) And at the same time it feels good making responsible decisions.  "The NEW American Dream!" Go Suze!
When I told Craig he was like "suze orman! high five!" I was like, "FYI I am probably going to spend just as much money trying to make this apartment function properly." and he was like "FYI you would be buying even more new stuff if we moved, so that logic is flawed." and I was like "your face is flawed"

I am in a silly mood because I just watched all of the kid history youtube videos and I think they are hilarious.

PS it is Tuesday morning and Craig didn't quit is job yesterday. so many bad words come to mind.
Is it foolish to hope that it will happen today?
PLEASE HAPPEN TODAY! not only am I going crazy, but my crazy brother Tanner peer pressured me into naming my own price on priceline yesterday to get Craig a ticket to New Orleans for the BYU game... and they accepted my offer.  So Craig, you better quit your job today and then go on vacation tomorrow without me and leave me with your baby and so I can stay home alone again!  I am such a nice wife. The nicest probably.

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Annie said...

Confession. I stalk your blog. I LOVE IT! It's real, not like other fake cheesy blogs and you crack me up! I love that you bash your self assured husband... so funny! And your baby girl is so cute! And I'm jealous you live in New York! Lucky girl. :)