Friday, February 4, 2011

random iPhone photos

I take pictures on my phone a lot so I can send pictures of everyday funny things to Craig at work... since the poor guy misses out a lot.

Feeding time has become hilarious. The noises.The grabbing of the spoon. The spitting of the food. The giggling. She is too much fun... but feeding her should take half the time it does.

We went to Target... and had to show daddy our purchases. Swimsuit and new chew toys!

Warm and cozy. 

She found me. And thinks it is hilarious.

And now she wants me to wake up and get her out of her crib...

Discovering the bookshelf

Eating the bookshelf

Oohhhh... DVD's

I cannot believe how fast she is growing up!
Watching her crawl to the bookshelf and climb up and fall down and repeat until she got what she wanted was adorable and hilarious and so grown up of her. 

I realized she was starting to pull herself up on things when I woke up the other day to her crying after she fell out of her crib!  I had covered her crib with a quilt where she usually peeks and yells at me in the morning, so she pulled herself up to look over the crib... and obviously she is a little top heavy... so she fell face first onto our wood floor.
First time for everything!
After I cuddled with her for a second she was happy again. No injuries. Well, I guess time will tell....
But let us remember that she was crazy before she jumped out of her crib.


Crystal said...

Oh man, I just stinking love her so much! I miss her and want to see her. We got so used to having you guys around. I'm glad she didn't sustain any injuries with her fall. Only you could write about that in such a funny way. I've been talking with my boys about heading to NY on the train to visit. They're excited. As soon as it warms up a bit. We'll bring Austin too and stay in your living room (ha ha). And can our random mormon friend of a friend stay with you sometime too?

Debbie Halverson said...

Oh Taylor, she is soo darling! LOVE those pictures of her! She already has so much personality! Can't wait to squish her this summer!

The Nixon Family said...

i love that craig changed the mast head. :)

m.estelle said...

taylor, your little babe is darling.


Th31nOnLy said...

so beautiful! your lucky! i want girls. i have 2 boys i need a lil baby girl lol