Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not going to lie. This month has not been fun.
I have written so many blog posts and then deleted them because they just oozed bad attitude.
I don't really feel justified in complaining because I know so many people that have been in similar situations and I have never heard them complain.  I really don't know how they have done it for so many years.
Also, I knew when I married Craig that he was a hard worker.  I signed up for it. (why is it that the thing that attracts you to someone is what drives you crazy?)
But the truth of that matter is that it has been hard.  Usually Craig works a lot but there is always an end to the madness. Or a date night at least.  This madness has been going on for a month with no end in sight.  I think that has been making it much harder. If only I knew when it would be over!  I just need a little break! A weekend please?  A Sunday?
There are also some other things stressing me out that I will have to wait to share. (No I am not pregnant. HA)  Hopefully it will be wrapped up sooner than later.  But the stress of it is killing me.  And Craig is always saying "we have to wait until I get home to discuss this"... and then he doesn't come home.  So I am kind of a stress case.  And I have had a couple psychotic breaks that now I can laugh about... but I am sure will happen again considering this madness is nowhere near over.
I am trying to have a better attitude... but sometimes complaining is fun. But to be clear- I am grateful for security. So grateful.  I am so grateful I get to play with my baby all day. I am so grateful that my husband feels good about himself and his accomplishments. I would never wish for anything else. Doesn't mean its not hard.  But I think it will get easier.
If any of my future posts ooze bad attitude... just try to ignore it and enjoy the roller coaster. and be grateful I didn't post what I wrote on Valentines Day. :)


The Nixon Family said...

Call me. You'll get through it! Better days ahead!!!

Granum Family said...

let's get together for lunch or something! i think we all need some things to look forward to in order to get through this winter!

t.t.turner said...

Hang in there, Taylor!

Jenna Robert said...

I totally laughed at the "why is it that the thing that attracts you to someone drives you crazy" part, because that can't be truer.

Not that I can relate on any real level compared to you, but when Dustin is on a tough rotation it is seriously the worst. I feel like I never see him. The best thing I can do is keep myself crazy busy with sewing/making things/organizing you know, that kinda stuff.

Ah, I totally feel for you. Hopefully it'll get less crazy soon.