Thursday, February 10, 2011

Because I am ADHD (most likely) I have moved on from decorating my current apartment and am holding off until my new apartment... which I am sad and happy to say will be this summer (I hope.)
My baby needs to not sleep in my room.  It is killing me. 
It is really annoying that when you live in Manhattan you have to slowly upgrade,while you slowly make more money, while your child rapidly grows.
 I have been looking for nursery inspiration.  
I haven't found one nursery that I really love... too fancy, too modern, too minimal, too bright, too cheesy, too trendy, too hipster...
This week I found these rooms very inspiring.

I have seen pink and mustard a lot.  And I like it. A lot. I think this room is absolutely beautiful... I want it.

I LOVE this floral. I feel like I need to use it.  If not in the nursery... somewhere. (I wonder how much it costs... I would love curtains in my living room... I guess I can settle for some throw pillows.)
And I especially love mixing it with black and white.  And stripes never get old.
And I just love a laundry room... even just a washer and dryer in a closet... wouldn't that be nice. so nice.

Speaking of... I have A LOT of laundry to do.
I should probably do that instead of decorate my imaginary nursery.
But it is all the way on the 2nd floor.
And then i have to fold it and put it away.
double UGH.

The search continues...

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