Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I do have some pictures... but I am too lazy to share them right now. maybe later.

Since I am so frustrated that every time I check my siblings blogs there are no new posts... I thought I would take a moment to update mine:)

I am STILL at my parents house.  Since Christmas. Yep.
I have to go to AZ for my BFF's wedding and since my husband decided that it wasn't important enough for him to miss work and go see his family and be my date to my best friend's wedding... I decided to stay in Boston and fly there with my mom.  Lighten my load.
Who needs him anyway? Psh. Not me.
I have been enjoying the Oprah Winfrey Network and Brad back on the Bachelor. 

Eloise has grown up so much this month.  I can't handle it really.  
She has her two bottom teeth. ( I think she might be getting another one now... no bueno)
She sits up all by herself! and tips occasionally...
She spins around on her stomach and scoots places. 
She throws everything off of her high chair.
She yells at me and hits things...
She still puts everything in her mouth and slobbers constantly.
She prefers non toys to play with-  kitchen utensils, remotes, your cell phone, your face... 
She has attended her first Celtics game and 2 high school basketball games.  She loves action.  
Kind of a party animal. She was even awake to ring in the new year!
She explored downtown Boston and went with us to my favorite restaurant in Beacon Hill - Figs. (YUM) (Although not kid friendly... at all. but it was worth it) 
She hasn't quite figured out her sippy cup yet... Still tries to drink out of the handle sometimes.
She can feed herself cheerios!!!
Last night she had her first authentic Mexican meal made by my Mexican sister in law. 
Eloise loved her serving of beans, rice and avocado.
And this week she will be taking her 5th cross country flight... I wish I could get double miles for her sitting on my lap.
As much as I love my people in AZ- I think I'm done with 6 hour flights for a while.  
I'm ready for my people to come to ME.  
Or maybe I need to get some new people.  On my side of the country. :)


Ashlee said...

Whatever. You and your new people... Psh.

mindy said...

our husbands sound alike- with not caring about our friends important things! haha. does he hate family get togethers? lol.

cant wait to see pics of your cutie!

Ashley Madsen said...

sent you a facebook message! let me know what you think.

The Nixon Family said...

welcome back! been missing your posts. why stay in ny when hubby is not around? i think you're doing it the right way. have fun in az and thanks for the eloise update. she's so big!!!