Monday, December 20, 2010

Eloise is very much enjoying her early Christmas present...
And so am I :)
I think she cut her first tooth the other day.
Craig asked if tooth fairy brings money when she gets a tooth.
He is not the brightest. :)
(One time when the waitress asked him how he would like his eggs he looked at me and said "sunny side down?"- not sure if I have shared that story already but it is a favorite of mine)
My baby is really sick and it is so sad. I hate it.
She has bronchiolitis. (and is teething)
The doctor tested her for RSV (which is a virus that is usually the cause of bronchiolitis) and she stuck a long skinny Q tip thing up her nose...(it must have gone all the way to her brain if that is possible)
When she pulled it out, Eloise looked at me as if I had betrayed her and then started screaming like I have never heard her scream before.  
It made me kind of angry at the doctor...:/ 
especially when they said she tested positive and that there is absolutely nothing to do for her...
 just call them if she can't breathe.  
reassuring and helpful. Thank goodness you tested her.
Despite her evenings of painful coughing and getting snot sucked out of her nose- 
for the most part she remains my happy baby.
We cuddle most of the day but she lets me get some stuff done every now and then so she can play in her exer-saucer... and slobber all over everything.

And obviously she still has zero hair. 
Hoping some of that will come in instead of teeth.

PS: This was the least ugly exer saucer i could find. Just FYI for anyone that is looking and cares.


Courtney said...

I just got back from urgent care with my youngest 4 - they stuck one of those things up Chase's nose too and he hated it! Hope she feels better soon.

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Aren't exer-saucers the ugliest? And so bulky. That's so sad she's sick. She is so cute, if that's any conciliation?

sherrie said...

Sometimes I day dream about going back in time and getting to have all my boys be little again....then I think of all the countless nights I've spent worrying and comforting sick babies (who you will find always get sick when husbands are unavailable or out of town) and I think I'm too old and tired to do it again. I hate breathing issues the most so good luck - poor baby.

The Nixon Family said...

cold air is actually good for the breathing. eva has had a few bouts with croupe (sp) and the dr. has said to wrap her warm and go stand with her outside for a while to open the lungs. you might try it?

Hutchinson's said...

I want to eat her!