Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yesterday was a horrible day.
Everything about it.
I was exhausted but my baby refused to nap.
the milk carton spilled all over the kitchen floor... 
when i wiped it up something under the fridge sliced my finger open
so now my floor is kinda sticky and my whole paper towel roll is blood stained
baby poop on floor... then on foot...then everywhere.
baby girl screaming in pain all day. her face was purple. so sad.
 i'm trying to diet... so i couldn't eat to make myself happy
plus about once a month I'm just a little moody.

Today was better.
Thanks for letting me whine.

photo via 3LambsGraphics


Lizzie said...

I LOVE this picture. I'm going to steal it. Where did it come from?

The Nixon Family said...

hope eloise feels better and sleeps better so you can rest. wish i was there to spend the day shopping with you in NYC. i'd love to see NYC at christmas.