Saturday, November 13, 2010


The only thing I hate about NYC is that it is so far away from so many people I love.
I would like to get rid of the whole middle section- of the United States that is.  No offense.
It was so fun spending 2 weeks with my peeps and I look forward to when Eloise can appreciate her cousins and aunts/uncles and grandparents more.... but for now I have all the fun...
I love spending time with my friends and family that I never get to see.
enough gushy stuff...

Within one month, 3 new Cannon babies were born.
First came Nixon, then came Eloise, followed by Abigail.
Since all 3 babies were united for the first time, we decided to have a mini photo shoot.
Mine is the one with the cheeks.


Mandy said...

Love that first one. So fun to see you. Come back soon.

Courtney said...

very cute. love the quilt and the babies.

Ashley Madsen said...

You have such a gorgeous baby!

P.S. Where did you get that quilt? So pretty.

Lizzie said...

Cute babies. Cute quilt.