Monday, September 13, 2010

My sister just sent me these pictures from this summer in California and reminded me what awesome friends I have.  Meagan, Katy and Kath drove from AZ and UT to come see me and my baby girl for a couple days.
I've always known I am really lucky to have friends like them.
I became friends with Meagan and Katy when I moved to Gilbert at the age of 4.  They both lived in my neighborhood.
We have been best friends ever since.
When I had to move across the country and away from these best friends of mine...
Kathleen was there to save me.

Love them to death.

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Jenna Robert said...

I love Katy and Meagan! Are you coming down in January for her wedding? I hope so. Also, I really do want to come visit you and your baby girl while I'm on the East side.