Saturday, September 18, 2010


I convinced my madre to drive here last weekend because my brother Tanner would be in town 
(and I had a lot of baby clothes, maternity clothes, seasonal clothes etc.etc. to put in her basement) :)
After our fun weekend, me and Eloise drove back with her to Boston to play for the week.
Dre and Fin loved helping with Eloise. introducing her to everyone, playing with her, and just staring at her.
My favorite was when Dre introduced my brother Austin to Eloise as "Uncle Dad".  
They were adorable... and made me want a little boy... some day.

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Crystal said...

Ahh, that was so cute. This morning Dre had the Show and Tell assignment in his class, so he took Lulu's baby announcement picture and told everyone about his new little baby cousin and how much he just LOVES her. Thanks for being so nice and letting my kids put their grimy little hands a over Lulu every second you were here. It was so fun to see you two.