Thursday, August 5, 2010

Seriously SO BLESSED

We blessed Eloise a few weeks ago while we were in California.
Since we are kind of the outsiders in our families... we thought it would be nice to do it while we were on the west side to maximize family attendance.
So lulu was lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents and most of her cousins there for the special event. We are so grateful they came! Thank you! Thank you!
Craig did such a good job... he cried. made me cry. it was a total cheese fest.
The end.


Angela said...

She is so sweet! Love that blessing dress too.

The Nixon Family said...

sad i missed it. what a great group of men to be in the circle.

Amanda and William said...

Yall are such grown ups in this picture of your fam together. love it.

Jenna and Dusty Robert said...

Why do your mom and dad still look exactly the same? They are so cute. I'm obsessed with Eloise. She's amazing.

Anonymous said...

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