Thursday, August 5, 2010


Sometimes I still feel like I am playing mom... like I'm a little girl and this baby is my little doll and its just some big fat joke. We haven't really experienced real life yet.  So far, too good.
Eloise's first week of life was spent in the hospital.
Then we had Grandma Betsy taking care of us.
At 2 weeks old we flew across the country to spend 3 weeks in California. (Word to the wise-When recovering from giving birth and learning the ropes of motherhood... The best way to do it is in a villa in southern California with your mom and sister next door.  daily maid service.  naps at the pool and on the beach.  baby loving the fresh air and all the arms to hold her. I mean... could life get better? No way.)
And only after a quick stop in Manhattan to reintroduce Craig to his chubby daughter, we have spent her 6th week of life in Boston with Bella (my mom refuses to be called Grandma)
My laundry was washed and folded, I took a nap yesterday, and I got to eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner without holding a baby (which is more difficult than you all make it seem).
So ya... we haven't experienced reality yet.
Tomorrow I leave to go home.  To be just my little family in my little apartment. No more vacations in the near future.  Just day to day goodness to look forward to.
I just hope I don't get Mastitis again. And I hope baby girl doesn't catch another cold. Because in times like that... It's really nice when your own mom is around. :)


Briawna said...

It's good to get spoiled. Period. But especially after giving birth. No fun about the mastitis, though. I had that with Palmer once and it was horrible. Feeling like I had the flu and having to nurse more often and massaging really isn't fun. I hope you got over it quick. Good luck. These little cuties are worth the sleep deprivation....says one who is still sleep deprived. :-)

Heather Jeppsen said...

Congratulations Tay! She's cute. I'm glad things are going well. Tell your family hi. I hope things are going well for all of them. When I'm home (AZ home) I still drive by your house and call it your house. It's still weird and sad in my opinion that almost everyone has moved away. That picture of Sage blew me away. She looks exactly like Ashlee and I'm sure she gets that all the time. It's okay though cause they're both really cute. Congrats again. Enjoy her.

laurel said...

Love all the pictures and updates. Excited to have you and baby Eloise back!

The Nixon Family said...

Ok, so I had to comment on all three posts... John is going to NYC next week or the next. He wants me to come so I am working on child care, I hope it works out. Enjoy the bliss of infanthood- when they wake up from their sleep life gets crazy. My little crazy was like a tornado spinning in my arms on the airplane for both flights and my two hour lay over in new mexico. I made it home though, even though I thought I was going to die.