Monday, August 30, 2010

First of all... can we all take a moment and thank me for learning to take my camera along on my adventures...
You are welcome.

Now... my fabulous weekend...
 Let me tell you about it and make you feel very unsatisfied with your life
 (that's what blogging is all about right?) :)

I am ashamed to admit that Friday night was the first time I have ever been on the Staten Island Ferry.
I avoid all things tourist... and I walk by the Statue of Liberty almost daily... so I just never felt the need.
On our family walk... or jaunt I feel like saying...we walked by the ferry and felt the urge.  
It is free, it was gorgeous outside... why not?
It was like a sunset cruise... only crowded with tourists and commuters...
It was nice to be out on the water and enjoy our cool city from a distance

Saturday our friends had an end of the summer party.
We ate, we enjoyed being with our peeps, and I took Eloise in the pool for the first time!
All her kicking and waving of the arms stopped...
She just chilled.  And looked around in amazement.
I think I would very much like to have a pool.

Weekend is over. (meaning there is a sink of dishes and an overflowing laundry basket)
 Summer is basically over.
Craig started his new job officially today.
I am very grateful for our eventful summer and that we made our time together count.
I think there will be a lot of lonely nights in my future.

Thank goodness for Eloise. :)


Mandy said...

I have been loving all of the pics. It's fun to see her getting so big and changing. Now that the lonely nights are starting, when is your first trip out west going to be?

Kendra and Nathan said...

That is hilarious - the comment about making people feel unstaified with thier lives. :) She is beautiful Taylor!

Meg said...

You are so funny! Love the pictures...wish I could have hung out with you guys this last weekend!

laurel said...

Great pictures! Great weekend! Have me come over on a lonely night, please.

The Nixon Family said...

you'll survive! love the pix! you just need lots of visitors to make the time move faster!