Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One of the joys of New York living is hospital roommates.  I had 3 come and go during my lengthy 7 day stay. And eaves dropping on them was our favorite past time. :) Oh how sad we were to leave. 
We got home on Wednesday.  We were supposed to get home on Tuesday but during my last check-up before discharge I decided to develop preclampsia.  Preclampsia is unexplainable high blood pressure during pregnancy or the postpartum period. My blood pressure all of a sudden jumped from 120 over 70 to 170 over 100.  Not a very big deal, but if you don't get it under control it can lead to a stroke or some toxicity in the blood... something like that.  Pretty much the only thing I was at risk for being a younger women and my first pregnancy.
Anyway, we got to stay another day and get one more prescription.  My roommate wasn't very happy about my extended stay- she wanted the window. We weren't very excited about the extension either... in fact, I recall some tears that night. I was so ready to go home and I was not enjoying my blood pressure being monitored every 30 minutes all night long, or the IV they stuck in me in the middle of the night to shoot up some drugs... Oh how I hate the hospital!!
Craig's mom just left on Sunday.  It was so great to have her here and to introduce her to Eloise.  And Eloise loved cuddling with grandma. We were definitely sad to see her go.  
After a week in the hospital I was not very excited about staying inside all day... and we had a couple days of perfect weather that we had to take advantage of... so we took baby girl out to lunch a few times and to her first doctors appointment and to the new Twilight movie and to church... and she was just perfect everywhere we went... but we are trying not to get our hopes up :/
Today is my first day at home alone. So far so good. I didn't get out of bed until 10:30 and took a shower and we will have to venture to the upper west side for another doctors appointment this afternoon (my 2nd since I've been home thanks to this preclampsia mess) and I just made sure there is an elevator at both ends of my trip... otherwise things would be tricky...
Baby girl is doing great.  We are working together to figure out the whole breastfeeding thing and we are slowly getting better at it. She continues to make funny faces all day long and is always happy... unless she is starving and the nipple keeps disappearing... (sometimes she gets confused and is a little bit of a spaz) She likes getting pushed in the stroller- which is great considering she will be living in it.  She is still ridiculously tiny and doesn't fit in any of her clothes which is very upsetting because her summer wardrobe is too cute.
Craig went back to work on Thursday.  Thank goodness he took some days off of work because I would have died being alone in the hospital every day.  It was great to have him around and we already miss him.  His last day of his current job is on Friday and then we take off to California on Monday for a nice vacation before the new job begins. Cannot wait!!


Mandy said...

Where are some new pics of that baby?

The Nixon Family said...

magnesium sulfate, gotta love it! i was 180/120 during labor and the nurse says, "mam, this is very serious, you are on the verge of having a stroke." nothing like that to make your first delivery even more stressful. so sorry you had to go through the slepless night of monitoring it. glad you are doing well now!!! we were with nate (craig's friend from school) this weekend. i sent him the link to your blog. can't wait to see you in sd.

Ainges said...

Your a tough cookie! Sounds like you are doing great for such a new and, at times hard, situation! Can't wait to see you here in SD! Xoxo

Granum Family said...

i can't believe you are already out and about!!!! you are amazig!