Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Details-

Sorry for the lengthiness... mostly for me to remember.  You can skip straight to the pictures of course.

It all started on Tuesday.  I went to my weekly check-up and my doctor showed concern about the baby having an irregular heartbeat.  So I was sent to the hospital to be monitored just to be on the safe side.  On my way to the hospital my sister told me I should try to eat french fries or potato chips so my blood pressure would be high and they would have to admit me... sounded genius.
So of course I did just that.  I DOWNED a bag of bbq fritos.  And my blood pressure that measured completely normal at my check up 30 minutes prior was suddenly high... (i said absolutely nothing about the potato chips of course) :) Oh and baby's heartbeat was fine.
Because of this I was told to go back to my doctor on Thursday to check up on my blood pressure- at this point I was thinking- thanks a lot Ashlee.  All that got me was more useless doctors visits, extra blood tests and still no baby.
But by the time Thursday came around I was a little concerned about a decrease in movement (the longer she was in there the more paranoid I became) so I was anxious to get to the doctor and make sure everything was okay.  Well... baby was fine... but my blood pressure was high again (not on purpose this time... i think I was nervous) .  That, along with my concern for a decrease in movement got me another ticket to the hospital for monitoring.
Sooooo... I got to the hospital and everything was fine again.  Baby was fine.  Blood pressure was already dropping, although still a little on the high side... but since it was my second time there and I was at risk for preclampsia and I was already full term... they decided to induce me... And they thought they would have to convince me...  100% on board folks.
So by 11 AM I was hooked up to my IV. Then they broke my water and started the pitocin.  Shortly after Craig showed up and I was ready to get my epidural.... which worked like a charm.  Love that stuff. Want more.
After that it got boring.  Things were progressing slowly...  But the delivery room was nice and spacious and had a lot of TV channels and I was pain free... so no complaints.
Then I started getting close to the finish line and every time I had a contraction the baby's heart rate would drop.  We started out by trying to switch positions, hoping there would be one that would prevent her heart rate from decreasing... but there was no luck.  So then we started to push a little prematurely, hoping to speed up the process and get her out of distress as soon as we could.  Unfortunately that was not progressing fast enough.  We probably could have kept pushing... but it would have been at least another hour and we didn't know if she would be able to handle it or not.  So the doctor decided C section- get baby out.
I was a little upset... not ideal... but a safe baby was our goal so we were fine with it.
C section was a crazy experience.  I had so much epidural and then an addition of narcotics.... I was shaking and shivering like nothing I have ever seen before.  It was the worst.
Craig sat there behind the curtain holding my shaking hand and telling me what a good job I was doing... despite the fact that I was doing absolutely nothing.  I was in fact paralyzed... what a nice husband.
Then I felt pulling and tugging and weirdness inside of me and a couple of minutes later we heard our baby girl.  So crazy.
They took her to the side ... of course I was still laying there paralyzed...being stitched and stapled... dying to see my baby girl.  All Craig could say is, "She is so small!"  After a couple minutes he was allowed to go hold her and that brought tears to my eyes.  I was craning my neck in a painful position to see him holding her.  That is a moment I hope I never forget.
Craig finally decided to share her with me and brought her over for me to see.  Unfortunately I was a shaky achy mess and could hardly keep my eyes open... but she was perfect and healthy and happy and all I could think was... thank goodness and THANK YOU... and then I had to give her back to Craig.  I was literally flexing every muscle in my upper body trying not shake her too much.
Baby girl went off to the nursery to be taken care of and I went to recovery where I continued to shake for another hour and then finally... sleep.
Around 5 AM I was moved to the maternity ward where I was able to get more sleep and I sent Craig home to get some as well.  Poor guy was up all night long.
It was a crazy, dream like experience.  Feels like ages ago already.

The recovery process is definitely worse than labor and delivery.  That is all I will say about that at this time.  But at least I have baby girl here... she definitely makes it all worth it.

Anyway, we are kind of obsessed with her.
The end.

Are you impressed that you can't even tell that I am shaking like CRAZY!?
I most definitely was.


Ashlee said...

That's an awesome photo. I love it. And, you're smiling!? Ha- gotta love those drugs.

Katy said...

Tay, not only can I NOT tell that you are shaking, you look beautiful. Only you. Not kidding. Best friend talking here... you look great. Wish I could say the same about Craig, he looks more like a deli worker with that hair net on.

Briawna said...

Congratulations on that beautiful girl. You look amazing for just having had a crazy delivery. Yes, recovery from any delivery is less than fun, but totally worth it.

Mandy said...

Tay, you look great in that picture. And that baby of yours is so cute. Makes me want another little girl and I have a 2 week old son.

The Nixon Family said...

The shakes are def the worst part. Good luck with the recovery. Can't wait to meet Lulu

Sheena Larkin said...

Oh what a sweet first family photo. You look beautiful, Taylor - definitely no sign of the shakes! Baby girl is beautiful, how can you not be obsessed.

Debbie Halverson said...

Congrats Taylor! I LOVE the picture with her eyes wide open. She definitely is a blend of both of you! Darling! I want to squish her right now!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tay- She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. She looks just like Craig. My mother and I are standing here smiling and fawning over her already! I'm going to try and call at some point...I don't want to wake anyone! You look beautiful as usual and I miss you SO much. Hope to get a hold of you soon!

Love- Elena

Ainges said...

She is amazing and beautiful. I loved the whole story and I am just so glad all is well. Thats not to say I feel bad for all the pain you are STILL feeling! wish I could be there to help! We love you guys! xoxoxo

Debbie Halverson said...

Hey Tay,
I just wanted you to know about It has baby items for sale every day. 50% off. Great name brand things! But...You have to get on early because they sell out every day! but knowing you, you probably already know about it! Love you! Can't wait to hold Lu lu!

Crystal said...

You DO look good in that picture! She's so cute! You're a fabulous story teller, doll. I can't wait to hold Lulu.