Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby Update

The update is... 
there is no update.
Not what you wanted to hear? 
Join the club.
"Naughty baby" as Craig would say.
"We make plans and God laughs"  
I learned that from Jill on the Real Housewives of NYC.
So. baby hasn't dropped yet.
I am 2 cm dilated... but until she decides to drop that really does me zero good.
She is already very disobedient.
Doctor said my wish for a baby this weekend is very unlikely.
So that means I am praying a little harder now.  
I believe in miracles.
I won't be upset if she doesn't come this weekend (lie)
in the end a happy healthy baby is all we want (true) 
but oh how perfect it would be!
come on baby girl.
 I'm counting on you to be the perfect Father's Day gift.

go celtics!


Crystal said...

Come on Lulu!!!!!

Mandy said...

Baby Nixon wants his new cousins to be born. Praying she comes soon!

Courtney said...

Seth wouldn't come early either and you see how that has turned out! Disobedient from the start!

Meg said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Can't wait for her to be here!