Thursday, January 7, 2010

My hair has not been cut or colored for NINE MONTHS. (professionally at least)
And it shows.
That is quite a long time.
And I might have gone even longer before that one.
It is not such a good system for someone with a lions mane for locks.
Or someone with bangs.
Good thing I started cutting my own hair when I was 5.(debatable) (My dad called me "spike for months)
But what to do.... my hair has proven to be among the most difficult over the years and I can't just trust anyone to do it...learned that the hard way my friends.
especially someone here that will charge me more than I care to spend to most likely give me a haircut that I am not so fond of.
So for the past SEVEN years, ever since my family moved to Boston, I have chosen to just wait it out.  Wait until I go to Arizona and get to go to the tried and true hair stylist.
Its just better that way.
And I get to go on Tuesday.
And it could not be needed more.

And my husband thinks I'm high maintenance.... whatever.

I suppose it might be time to train another stylist... preferably someone on this side of the country.


Ashlee said...

she's worth the flight! (and as a bonus you get to see me :)

p.s. I go every 8 weeks.

Courtney said...

just wait until you are grey and need touchups every 3 weeks then you will probably need a hairstylist in your same state.

The Nixon Family said...

I feel your pain. Still haven't found anyone here in Dallas that I love. Just don't chop the mane...

Crystal said...

I completely understand. Why doesn't anyone in NE know how to cut hair? And why do they charge double? Hate it. Have fun in Arizona!

JT and Lizzie Davis said...

I hear you. With no trip to Utah in sight, I made a hair appointment out here for next week. I'm scared.

Katy said...

I have always wondered how beauty schools have justified pumping so many females through their programs... and now I understand. Thanks to Utah beauty schools, the nation's "qualified hairstylist" quota has been met; unfortunately, they all stay on the west coast. Leaving the poor New Englanders up a creek without a paddle. Sorry ladies.