Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I love you husband, but...

For our entire marriage my husband has called me "barren" which is not very funny because I always considered that a great possibility. I don't know why,  we were not intending to reproduce until this very moment anyway, but it was a definite fear, and is for many people. Sooo, Not funny at all. The only funny part about it is how completely insensitive my husband can be sometimes.... ridiculous.
But alas, the nickname is no longer because as we all know, "barren" I am no more. (and never was)

Now my name is "Baby Mama", And I much prefer it.

Thank goodness nobody can hear him call me "barren" anymore... that was always embarrassing, and quite awkward. I can only imagine what went through peoples minds. (Is he joking? Why would he joke about that? Am I supposed to laugh? Is she really barren? Sad. That poor girl, why is she married to such a complete weirdo?)

Not that him talking in baby voices to my stomach is any less awkward or weird... I apologize :)

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Jenna said...

What is it with men thinking their women are infertile anyway? Dustin always wants me to take a fertility test and we aren't even married. He just wants to make sure I can have kids before he seals the deal. And I don't oblige. For obvious reasons. haha!