Tuesday, December 8, 2009

lets hear it for New York

Happy Holidays!
Thanksgiving was great. Parents and little bros came to the 212 to celebrate the holiday big city style... which includes eating out-TWICE, a nice movie showing of The Blind Side (so ridiculously good) attending a pie party at my friends apartment, walking around the city, Bryant Park, searching for the perfect cashmere sweater to make Crew happy (what 14 year olds wear cashmere?) and enjoying the GORGEOUS weather.... so nice, so lucky.
So it was a fabulous holiday. Good times. I might push harder in the future for the home cooked thanksgiving at home though... I missed homemade rolls and eating all day with naps and games in between servings. heavenly.


The Nixon Family said...

so fun! my next trip to NYC will be during the holidays. i dream about it. and you better be there, NYC w/o you would NOT be fun!

Jenna said...

I hear ya, Jayne's christmas list included: an iPhone, a miu miu purse, a video iPod, and the list goes on. She's 11.

Scott and Elly said...

Hey Taylor! It's fun to find your blog. Glad you had a great holiday with your fam. Merry Christmas!

Hutchinson's said...

Why has no one commented on the fact that you have a baby growing to the left of your blog!! HAHA. Congrats! Love you girlfriend!