Friday, August 28, 2009

Singing in the Rain

I just love it here.
I don't love waiting for the subways in nastiness.
I don't love that it decides to rain every weekend.
I don't love melting every time I walk out the door.
But I love it here.

I was going to update you on all of the fun things I have done this week but after I wrote it I thought it was super long and boring.

SO quickly summed up:
Park hopping in Central Park, UWS Shake Shack to go and eat by the fountains, NYC Public Library (it was my first time), Water Taxi to IKEA (I always dread the IKEA part of the trip but I greatly enjoy the convenience of the water taxi and traveling above ground for a change), Beach day in Greenwich, CT with some of my favorite people, Saying goodbye to close friend and neighbor Larisa (I know I will still see her all the time. She only moved to NJ, but I have loved her living next door and will greatly miss her!), Lunch, shopping, movie day with girlfriend, wall painting, ordering a bed frame because after 2 nights of little sleep on our horrible bed I was grouchy enough to make demands...
And even though I have had such a fun week with my girlfriends (what would I do without them?), Thank goodness its Friday! I always start missing Craig on Thursdays and get excited for a fun filled weekend with him.
Too bad its going to rain AGAIN this weekend. so lame. Last weekend Craig and I walked around Greenwich village and ate at one of our favorite Italian places (I had planned to go watch Apollo 13 on the Intrepid... a huge battleship in the Hudson, but 80% chance of rain ruined that plan unfortunately) We painted our apartment. We went to our favorite BBQ place in the city, stopped at the 2nd hand bookstore (which Craig could spend hours in...I bought a couple old looking books on the $1 shelf for our apartment),walked home from 28th street, we went to the "elevated acre" when it was raining outside and got completely SOAKING wet, we came home to crock pot dinner after church (I need to do that more often. fantastic.), and we ended our weekend with naps and watching Design Star.

I am purposely choosing to leave out the tantrum Craig had about painting the apartment, and the small spat we had about where to go to dinner, and maybe the little argument about buying a hand towel from the sale bin at Anthropologie... :)
That kind of stuff NEVER happens. Not in this perfect union.

I hope it stops raining for a second this weekend so we can FINALLY go check out High Line park... I mean goodness.


JT and Lizzie Davis said...

What a fun week. I just love you! Thanks for coming up to Greenwich, that was such a perfect day. Also it appears that it was the last possible Beach Day ... this rain is sure making it feel like Fall.

McKell and John said...

When do we get to see your paint? I'm dyin' here!

Granum Family said...

What a fun week for you!!! Let's hang out soon!