Monday, July 13, 2009

No way... yes way

Thursday I was at my friend Angie's house having "community dinner"... (that is what I call it when me and my fellow neighbors that lack husbands combine forces to make a decent meal and entertain each other)
While I was there I received an email from my friend Lizzie Davis- who used to be a husbandless neighbor and now lives in Greenwich,CT- She had this crazy idea..."Shakespeare in the Park" which is a play they do every year in Central Park was coming to an end. It was the last weekend and the last chance to get tickets. This year it was Twelfth Night starring Anne Hathaway and it had received raving reviews from every NY publication. Too bad the tickets are next to impossible to get...
I read her idea out loud thinking that the two women I was with would have nothing to do with it considering they both have small children and it was a very last minute idea that would involve finding a baby sitter or finding a husband somewhere and losing a lot of sleep. Well... surprise, surprise they pulled through and made it happen...and well, we all slept in central park.

Pictures and story of our crazy adventure to come... but just so you know, there was a happy ending :)


JT and Lizzie Davis said...

That was so much fun. Thanks for being so crazy with me. I can't believe it came together so quickly. That's why I love you girls, you are spontaneous & crazy & way too much fun.

JT and Lizzie Davis said...

PS - I wish I could come to "community dinner" ... I'm still husband-less at dinner time but none of my neighbors are! Blast!