Wednesday, November 5, 2008

quick update

It's dark and dreary today. my little pretend child is sleeping adorably on the couch right now. She is almost ten months and started walking last week. She cruises all over the place and usually she is holding her little monkey. It is very cute. She is almost always happy. she enjoys screaming,grunting,banging anything together that makes a loud noise, clapping, laughing, eating everything,playing with cords, remotes, outlets, plants, taking off her socks and throwing them out of her stroller, sticking her finger up my nose and in my ear, playing with garbage, pulling the cat's hair, pulling my hair, opening cupboards, playing peek-a-boo, climbing... the fun is endless.
She is so smart and learning and growing way too fast. Her only problem is that she refuses to sleep in her crib... but I dont really mind that she prefers to cuddle with me and watch ellen.
I only hope that when I have a baby it will be as full of life as this little one but I also hope that it will enjoy sleeping as much as I do :)
Craigs work is going great. He is learning and working a lot. His company is laying off a lot of people this week or next so we are crossing our fingers. We don't really think he will be fired but I guess you never know. Fortunately we don't have a family and a mortgage (and my mom just renovated her basement) so if anything bad happens everything will be fine. :) In fact, I'm more stressed about our new president's tax plan.


Ian and Kristen said...

Hey that all sounds familiar! Maddie is almost 9 months and she's definitely into all the same stuff! Hope you guys are doing great! And good luck with Craig's job!

McKell and John said...

That really is the best job ever. You get to love and cuddle that sweet girl, you don't have to put her to bed at night (or do you), you don't have to take her to get shots, you don't have to worry about her when she has a fever and a cough, you don't have to worry about her not eating any fruits or veggies. Just fun, parks, naps, cords and remotes! Lucky girl. And you get paid. Sweet.