Monday, June 30, 2008

The Bishop

My dad was called to be the new bishop of our ward yesterday. He is such a busy man and is about to become much much busier.
And my poor mom has been looking forward to having her husband home again after the NBA finals... I guess that is not going to be happening anymore.
But despite the time and effort they are about to start putting in to this ward, they are excited and eager to serve. It has been a great reminder of what great people my parents are and how blessed I am to have such great examples.


Heidi Ainge said...

I'm so jealous of your fun life!! I am glad you finally updated. An apartment with all new stuff sounds great and your job sounds perfect! Will you be making some dough? Will you be coming out to Cali at all? I hope so! Luv ya!

Nick and Lexie said...

Congrats on your apartment and job and everything. New York sounds like it will be crazy and fun. I feel for you about the small apartment thing. Nick and I were trying to decide between New York and Oregon for a while, and looking for apartments in NY was giving me a heart attack. That's cool that you got to be in Boston at such an exciting time. I had a couple friends go to the parade in downtown and they said it was a blast. Good luck with everything!

Farnsworth Family Newsletter said...

I agree, you do have great parents! Have so much fun in NYC, sounds like a blast.

Trent and Nicole said...

that should almost be illegal to make a guy a Bishop who just finished an incredibly involved and somewhat stressful event/job. But on the other hand, just shows how good he is at dealing with hard things and busy times.