Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Agenda

So life is busy, but fun.
We are going to move in with my sister during May. Tay will help babysit her kids in the morning and I will work. In the afternoons I will study for level 2 of the CFA and Tay will watch America's Next Top Model seasons 1-6 for the 10th time. In the late afternoons, I will play golf and Tay will be my caddy.
In the evenings we will be at the gym, and then watching the NBA playoffs.
On the weekends, I will hopefully get to play golf with Tanner.
At the end of May, we will go to AZ for John's homecoming.
Then we will head out to Boston for a few weeks.
We are hoping on going on a cruise at the end of June with Tanner and Heidi and whoever else wants to go.
I will start in the middle of July and wont see Tay again until Christmas. We should learn a lot.
We want to live in the financial district, but anywhere in Manhattan will do.


jennifer woodbury said...

I promise I am not a random stalker. Just your sister Mandy's old college roommate and an old friend of your wife's sister Ashlee from elementary school. Anyway, you guys should really look into living in Battery Park City. It's within easy walking distance of Goldman (and the bus and subway as well), has amazing views of the Hudson and the esplanade along the water was always my favorite place to run or take walks. I lived there for two years right after I got married. Mandy actually stayed in my apartment one weekend, so she can tell you all about it. Let me know if you have any questions about the area or the city in general.

Mandy said...

I agree Jenn would be an excellent source of info. And we are excited to have you come stay for a bit!!

McKell and John said...

Thanks for the update guys! Will I get to see you both at the wedding this weekend? I hope so!

Mindy said...

Oh my goodness! Sounds like life is a little crazy? I saw your brother a couple weeks ago at gecko grill! so random!

hope all is well,
Mindy Riggs

The Nixon Family said...

so fun! nyc or busy. thanks for an updated. it only took four months! will you make it to san diego this summer?

Crystal and Austin said...

How exciting to live in NYC! Craig will be working a ton, but at least Boston is pretty close, so you could visit the fam every now and again, and that would be cool (wink, wink).

Angela said...

Craig, I was looking closely at all the litte graduates today to see if they were you. Congrats! One of these days I should meet your wife and stuff! Good luck with CPA studying.