Saturday, December 15, 2007

Splurge Items

Okay so Crystal tagged me... Thank you Crystal. It was good motivation to make me write something.
10 things I splurge on and 10 things I don't.
Splurge Items
1. I go for the good toilet paper. Totally worth it.
2. Cereal. For some reason the store brand Wheaties just are not as good as the real ones. Yes I love Wheaties. I know I'm weird. (There's some proof that Im your daughter Mom)
3. Make up. Im out of all my make up right now but I only use MAC- that is when i actually take the time to get ready.
4. Shoes. I don't buy shoes a lot, but I have found that its definitely worth it to spend money on good shoes rather than the cheap look a likes... they kill my feet and I end up never wearing them again. All about comfort.
5. Skin Care Product. I know now that there is a reason the spa products are way more expensive than the grocery store brands... They are way better!
6. Jeans. Speaking of I desperately need some new ones. I actually just bought a pair at Target (im getting better) Citizens of Humanity are usually my favorite though.
7. Clementines. I'm addicted to the "California Cuties." I have to buy some every time I go to the grocery store.
8. Water Bottles. I don't have to have the fancy kind. Kirkland and target brand will do. But whenever I leave the house I take one or two with me.
9. Gifts. I usually like to spend too much on them. I keep wanting to add on to people's Christmas presents if I find something I know they would love. Craig is keeping me under control though and tells me to just call them and let them know that I found something that I know they would love. Its the thought that counts right!?
10. Craig thinks I splurge on decor. I like decorating and I have made my apartment look better than it was to begin with... but I think it was kind of mandatory. agree to disagree.

I'll do my 10 items I don't splurge on some other time. That will take a while longer...

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