Friday, November 16, 2007

Good Times

Its Friday night yet again in the Cannon household... and we have nothing to do. For the past two weeks we have taken the evening to go out to dinner and come home to watch The Godfather on TiVo. Needless to say we need something to do... but mostly we need some friends. Craig just suggested that we buy golf clubs... Im thinking no. At least hes suggesting something though. Shocking. His usual response to everything is "I don't care." Hey Craig my mom wants to know what we want for Christmas... any good ideas? "I don't care." Taylors translation: So you are saying we want shoes and pencil skirts. Alrighty.
Well, its that time of year. Its starting to get cold. I like it right now. I get excited to bust out some cute coats...but I'll be over it in about a week. Scraping windshields, wetness, dirty snow, too many layers so you can't even move properly... I'm putting Craig on a 5 year California plan. I would make Arizona an option but I'm terrified of scorpions and so I do not support living in their habitat. I'm also terrified of sharks though... go figure.
Well everyone, I wish we had exciting news or troublesome children to write about, but alas we do not and shall not for quite some time.
We did get our carpets "cleaned"... quite frankly they look exactly the same as they did before which is about twenty years old and filthy. Supposedly its only two years old said the manager... big fat lie.
Our toilet gets clogged about once a week and the plumber takes a while to get here so I have to go to my friends house to use the restroom... Craig continues to use our toilet, making our problem worse than it was to begin with. I let him deal with the plumber because I find it embarrassing that the toilet was still being used when it was clearly not functioning. Disgusting. We thought the problem was stemming from Craigs weird preference for baby wipes instead of TP... but he stopped and the problem persists. So the ghetto apartment we live in and our not so helpful management gets the blame.
Despite our trials and tribulations we remain happy and are grateful for each other. We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving this week. We love you all and are very grateful to have such great friends and family in our lives.


Crystal said...

tay, you always crack me up. i am dying to see your new hair. from your nerd pic i really like it! peace out.

Courtney said...

Tell Criag Cottonelle makes a flushable wipe for all ages. This will be much easier on your sewer for years to come. Plus they are very handy with potty training when the time comes.

Ashlee said...

I love when you post. It makes me sooo happy! I miss you. Can it be CHristmas time yet??

mindy said...

Hey girl! WOW you are hilarious. Love reading your posts! I hope you have fun in the snow while we are still dying of heat here :)

Mindy Riggs

Hutchinson's said...

Excuse have no friends, I have no friends. We should connect the two! Come and play today. Love you! I am calling you right now.

Ben and Chelsee Hunt Family said...

Tay! I am laughing out loud thinking about the baby wipes. Seriously one of the funniest things I have ever heard, especially since Ben is now completly obsessed with the idea. Though I have not quite given into the idea just yet. I am glad you are doing so well, give Katy Lady my love, and tell Jeff to purpose already...wait don't say that. Seriously I hope Jeff doesn't read this.
Love- Chelsee (Worsley) Hunt

The Nixon Family said...

Baby wipes. Craig, are you a girl??? That is sooo funny. Tay, you crack me up. I am sending a Christmas card your way, keep your eyes open. Love you.

Ronell and Briawna said...

Hey, Taylor. I'm still adjusting to the fact that you're married. I can relate to the hole in the wall apartment. We need to have you guys over for dinner some time--after Christmas since life is crazy busy right now! You and Craig are very cute. You're probably sick of hearing that but someday you'll love it! Merry Christmas, cute Cannons.