Friday, September 21, 2007


So Craig and I are settled in Utah now. We live in Union Square- a married complex just south of BYU campus. We are kind of anti social so we havent really made any friends there yet.
Craig accepted his offer at Golman Sachs yesterday. So it looks like we are moving to New York in June! We are very excited and very relieved to have the big decision finally made.
Im loving aesthetician school. I am having so much fun with my fellow students and getting to do all the treatments im learning on friends and relatives.
Craig is in Montana this week for a mission reunion at his mission presidents ranch. So... im bored and lonely basically.
He gets back tomorrow afternoon and then we are helping Tanner out at a Mitt Romney function. Craig should love that.
Well, sorry im so bad at blogging. I will work on it.. and we will work on not being so boring so that we might have something worthy of mentioning to the blogger world.


Ashlee said...

hooray for Tay! Thanks for showing up and being a blogger.

Courtney said...

Now Erich is officially the worst blogger in the family although you and Craig were giving him a run for his money.

I'm glad school is going well. Have fun at the Mitt fundraiser - that sounds like a lot more fun for Criag than you.

Katie said...

i'm glad that you guys are re-dedicating yourselves to the blogging world! oh.. i am craig's cousin.. (just in case)

Tara said...

Taylor. I hope you are loving esthetician school. I love it. Your pictures were so amazing, I loved them. You are a darling girl, which helps! I think you guys are so cute together, I miss that " Young love!" Live it up!

Hutchinson's said...
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Crystal said...

How fun to live in NY! Seriously, add some pics to your blog!

The Brooks Family said...

Hey Taylor, It's Chanteal Brooks (Riggs). I found your blog through Mindy's. If you want to add me my blog is