Friday, April 13, 2007


So I stole Craigs car and today I'm going without him to find a place to live and order a ring. Those are my goals for the day. I will let you all know if i achieve them.
We are taking our pictures on the 28th in Phoenix... we dont have a ring yet... Im pretty sure thats not normal.
We booked a place for the reception. I hear its beautiful. August 18th everyone... I suggest to book your hotels now. Carlsbad or Encinitas area would probably be best.
As far as colors go, Still no decision. The wedding planner suggested Robins egg blue with tangerine. I think i might like that... So if you are bored you can try to find outfits for the little ones in those colors. I think everyone else can just wear black. Im guessing nobody wants to wear a floor length tangerine gown?

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Courtney said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure we had our temple date reserved before my ring arrived (something about the diamonds being shipped to Atlanta or so Jeff tells me).

I think Mandy would look awesome in a floor length tangerine dress 8 months pregnant!